chelsea and man city could dominate in the near future

Chelsea and Man City are possibly becoming the driving force in the Premier League for years to come; they have the personnel in their respective squads and managers, and the driving power behind the squad and their managers, which is of course, money.

What we could be seeing this season, and in future seasons, is a two-team mini-league between Chelsea and City. They both have every requirement necessary to succeed, with the added bonus of having a passionate squad that seems determined to be as successful as they can be. Arsenal have the passion, and yes, they’re a quality side with a quality manager, yes, a quality manager (#wengerout people don’t get me started) but they don’t have the depth in their squad and do they have the real cutting edge that can win them titles? No.

Chelsea owner Roman Abromivich has constantly provided the funds to sign key players.

Chelsea owner Roman Abromivich has constantly provided the funds to sign key players.

Man United have seemingly stumbled across a formidable frontline with players providing excellent attacking talent, yet a top-heavy side with attacking talent does not overshadow a defence failing to flatter in a squad full of players on huge wages, like City and Chelsea, but the difference is, are the United players really playing for the shirt? Again, no. David Moyes came to Old Trafford and is deemed to be the perfect fit for the job, he even came with Sir Alex Ferguson’s approval, yet failed. Louis Van Gaal has arrived as a stubborn ‘tactical genius’ with a self-approved philosophy that worked to an extent in the World Cup with Holland, but this philosophy  excelled during his club managerial career with European giants Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Ajax.

Chelsea and City already have the fundamentals, though, they’re not in a state of transition or learning period such as clubs like Man United. These clubs are the kind of clubs signing players to improve their bench, and will keep on improving year after year, and not maintaining, like I believe Arsenal do, Liverpool have done it too, by selling Luis Suarez they lost a monumental talent, who they simply could not ever replace. Chelsea and City’s signings will go as far out to improving their 25 man squad, or even just to make sure they can fit home grown players into their squads amongst the abundance of foreign talent they both possess.

Manuel Pellegrini can look ahead at City.

Eliaquim Mangala was not really necessary at City, they could have signed better in my opinion, and they could have swooped for Marquinhos at PSG after the Paris club signed David Luiz, but if they couldn’t, they always knew they wanted to strengthen regardless. Mangala’s rival Martin Demichelis, who has come in for a lot of criticism, I believe is actually a quality defender, manager Manuel Pellegrini knows this from his time with him at Malaga and trusts Demichelis, further highlighting their strength, and this is real strength too, because they have like-for-like replacements, they could play either of these two players in so called ‘big games’ and still trust that they will churn out a solid performances. The arrival of Frank Lampard is without doubt an astute piece of business from Pellegrini, it raised eyebrows, but Lampard is coming off the bench to score in nearly every game, what other top Premier League team can rival that?

Chelsea’s squad, like City’s is rich in talent, and with Cesc Fabregas supplying new striker Diego Costa, it really is difficult to look beyond them, they’re strong in defence too, with Champions League finalist from last season, Filipe Luis, sitting on the bench and struggling to get a kick ahead of Cesar Azpilicueta, a player thought to be only your average, steady and reliable full-back a couple of seasons ago.

Costa is scoring week in, week out, and that’s with a dodgy hamstring, apparently; if it was that bad he wouldn’t play, but we all know what Mourinho is like on certain matters, whether it be mind games or not, no other top club have a striker like him at the moment, on the other hand, City have goals from all over their team, Chelsea have a lot too, even from defence in Branislav Ivanovic, other teams do not.

But what is really rare for these ‘elite’ clubs to have is the spirit, despite all their high earners on the wage books. Both Chelsea and City have a strong core to their teams now, something they have lacked in previous seasons, even though City have won titles. You can see the willingness and desire to fight for each other when each of these teams play, Chelsea will do anything for Mourinho, who has a god like status in London, and Pellegrini has proved his doubters completely wrong at City, proving what a great tactician he can be with the squad he has at his disposal, and you would like to think that potential players who could upset the apple cart, players like Mario Balotelli, have gone now, and under the leadership of Pellegrini and their talismanic club captain, Vincent Kompany, City, along with Chelsea could be the driving force in the league.

Both teams have the potential, they could go on for at least a few years battling it out neck and neck every season, but don’t get me wrong, the other teams are dangerous too, they all have money, though Arsenal are reluctant to spend, but they all certainly have the potential to enter the race for titles at any time soon if they can find the right players and that cutting edge. But in the meantime, the Premier League should beware of Chelsea and City.