From Barca To The Britannia: The Story Of Bojan

This summer transfer window has seen one of the most promising youngsters of a generation join Stoke City. Bojan Krkic has left the Nou Camp for The Britannia in a £3 million move. This could potentially be the bargain of the century of Bojan shows the potential he was meant to offer as a youngster.

Bojan had been part of Barcelona since he was 8-years old and it was reported that he scored over 900 goals during his youth career (Independent). Yes, you heard right, 900. This is going to surely mean only one thing, that he has the potential to be the best striker in the world, right? Well his adult career has far from blossomed in the same way that his youth career did.


Bojan had an excellent start to his Barca career scoring 10 goals in his first season, which beat Raul’s record of scoring most goals in a debut season (Benefoot). Now, Raul was one of the greatest strikers of all time Bojan surely had to follow suite.

So why has a kid that has undoubted talent failed to make it on the biggest stage? Firstly,  you only have to look at Barca’s first choice striker, Lionel Messi, to see why he was regularly kept out the squad. Messi offers untold quality and is by far a more all round player than Bojan. In addition to this he was also behind strikers Pedro and David Villa who were in excellent form at the time.

The lack of goals and appearances led to a transfer to AS Roma for 12 million Euros. But then a season later he moved to AC Milan, but then a season later he moved back Barca, but then the season after that he moved to Ajax! In this space of three years he’d moved to four different clubs which is only going to create instability for a player. This is obviously another problem which has faced him the fact he has had no time to settle. High price tags have also undoubtedly put pressure on the young star.

Now we come to his new club and most surprising of the clubs he has played for, Stoke City. Has he finally found his home? Three goals during pre-season has shown the Bojan still has goals in his locker and he has the potential to light up the Premier League. At £3 million he could also be the bargain of the century. He is very similar to Michael Owen, a small, quick, low to ground striker who scores goals left, right and centre. But I think the real question everyone will be asking is, will he be able to do it on a wet, cold, windy Tuesday night in Stoke?

Bojan is still only 23-years old so has years to prove himself. I’m going to throw it out there and even say he has the potential to be one of the Premier League greats. Maybe not at Stoke, but a good season at the Britannia could see a big money move in the future. For his sake I hope the Spanish star found his feet after a youth career that promised so much.


August 13, 2014 | By: Robert Simmons | General | News