City’s ‘Old Guard’ Will Be Their Saviour

Manchester City this weekend bounced back from a disappointing result last week against Roma and beat Villa 2-0.

Two goals in the last eight minutes saw old boys Toure and Aguero get them the three points they needed.

It’s strange to think that these players have been at the club for nearly five years now as players rarely stay loyal to clubs for longer than three.

Let’s be honest this is probably because the fee they would command and the wages they are on isn’t exactly affordable for many clubs.

However it has created an obvious stability and togetherness at the club which will help them remain one of the top clubs for many years to come.

With the odd one or two signings every season it is arguable that City’s squad is one of the best in the world.

With David Silva, Aguero, Toure, Nasri and even Milner to name but a few, these players are all part of a team which was once a team of what you can say was individuals.

Manchester City v Blackburn Rovers - FA Cup Third Round Replay

This togetherness is lethal for other teams as was proven on Saturday against Villa who put up a good fight for 82 minutes but inevitably the team spirit and class of Man City prevailed.

You can argue that Man City have bought their way to success but that is the only way to be successful nowadays. Especially if you want to be competing for the Champions League.

Plus once you have these players it is up to the management to make sure they perform week in week out and gel together.

Perfect examples of this are at Manchester City and Chelsea who spent big bucks on players, players with personalities and egos. Mourinho was the man to make Chelsea great and at the time Mancini was the man who brought a sense of closeness at City.

Pellegrini has carried on this legacy and you can see that these players who probably had never heard of Manchester City before, love playing for the club and wear the badge with pride.

Expect City to push on with their season now. Toure has had a very slow start and has received a lot of criticism but give the guy a break his brother died over the summer which is likely to effect anyone in any circumstance, but now he looks ready after the Villa game and so does the rest of the squad.