‘Football Manager cost me a degree’ Iain Macintosh spoke exclusively to GAFF TV

Author of the book ‘Football Manager Stole My Life’, Iain Macintosh spoke exclusively to GAFF TV and told us about his adventures on the game including his failure of managing Southend, plus the problems that can occur when having an addiction to Football Manager.

Macintosh is a football writer with an obsession for the beautiful game, that is Football Manager. His book chronicles why people have become obsessed with the game, it details Sports Interactive’s incredible scouting network and features interviews with the in-game famous players who have never quite lived up to their expectations in the game, but largely it demonstrates the passion that Macintosh has for the game, a game which Macintosh himself admitted, although jokingly, it cost him a degree.

The book was published in 2012

The book was published in 2012

Macintosh told GAFF TV in an exclusive interview: “I have played every game since the very first one came out, so that’s all the way back to ’93, probably took a mark off all of my GCSE’s, definitely wiped out at least one subject in my A-levels. The fact I didn’t get a degree is largely due to Championship Manager 97/98.”

The series is known for gripping football enthusiasts throughout the years, and speaking from experience, I understand why. The game has a way to wrangle you in and make you press on for more as you find yourself relentlessly pressing the space bar to progress through the game as you read mail after mail, make bids for young Argentinians playing in the second division of their respective league who you’ve never heard of, tweak tactics and deliver team talks, the many features of the game can make it an extremely gripping experience. The game goes on and on with you as you and your team strive for success.

Fiorentina's young striker Khouma Babacar was a favoured signing in the 2012 edition (pictured).

Fiorentina’s young striker Khouma Babacar was a favoured signing in the 2012 edition (pictured).

Macintosh spoke of his lowest point when playing the game, he firstly joked by saying it was “sitting in a darkened room, crying my eyes out at the failure of some misbegotten pixelated b******* who let me down once again.”

But he went on to say: “It was taking over Southend United because as a Southend fan I couldn’t take over from Steve Tilson, Steve Tilson is a god, there was nothing more I could do to Southend that would be any better than he did, so in real life when he was sacked that was my time, it was the first chance in 4 or 5 years, it was a big moment for me to come back to the mother ship and take over Southend and I was sacked inside fourteen games, didn’t win a single game! Players hated me, fans hated me, my family hated me, crushing, absolutely crushing!”

He even told GAFF TV that 35 divorces have been filed due to Football Manager, though, only 35 have been mentioned specifically in court according to Macintosh, he assured us there are more, before jokingly admitting that the book deal saved his marriage as he continues to enjoy playing the game today.

The latest installment of the game, FM15, is due for release in November, and as fans eagerly anticipate its arrival, they have received very little information on the game as of yet, although head of Sports Interactive, Miles Jacobnson, whose exclusive interview can also be found on GAFF TV’s website, has stated that the game will feature Twitch integration which allows players to upload their gameplay in a much more fun and easier way than on previous titles.

Up until its release players can begin fantasising over the teams they could be managing, the players they will have at their disposal, the young stars who will make it big and of course the shiny new re-gens that managers come across after every first season in the game!

FM15 is ready to be the best yet as we all look forward to the game in November!