What Happened To The Excitement Surrounding England Games?

England play San Marino tonight in what should be the easiest game of most of the players careers. If we don’t win at least 10-0 then it’s a pretty poor result considering how bad San Marino are and how good we supposedly are.

What’s truly saddening is that the whole excitement surrounding England games has completely died.

Whenever internationals arise the main response from people is oh brilliant a whole week without league football and I for one am one of those people.

So why is English international football so dead?

Probably because there’s nothing to be excited about. We always seem to qualify through the groups but when we get to tournaments i.e. the two previous World Cups, we flop massively.

The Brazil World Cup killed it for me. I’ve never felt a nation’s disappointment more than after that tournament. It was our time to do well but once again, we failed.

It’s just never exciting to watch England as well. We always look so nervous and under pressure when we should be destroying teams with the quality we have.


To give England credit it was refreshing to watch us beat Switzerland as we seemed to play with confidence and desire, something which has lacked over what I would say is a 10 year period.

But even tonight’s game and the game against Estonia next week just don’t appeal to me at all. Yes of course I want England to win and qualify but let’s be honest we could’ve picked a Championship English XI to play both games.

I for on would’ve found it much more exciting seeing Britt Assombalonga upfront!

I know you should always pick your strongest team regardless of who you’re playing but with England it always seems to such a chore picking who plays.

This whole debate of who plays upfront and midfield… for god sake it’s San Marino you could play Wayne Rooney in goal if you wanted to!

And whether Jack Wilshere should play holding in a diamond or more attacking, once again let me just reiterate we’re playing San Marino and Estonia, play him right-back, he’ll still be a thousand times better than every player on either team.England v Montenegro - 2014 World Cup Qualifying European Zone - Group H

We have got some exciting youngsters so the future is bright for English football, maybe then the excitement will pick up.

I know this article is very doom and gloom towards England but at 23-years old there has been no point that England have made me excited or hopeful of doing well, it’s just been disappointment after disappointment.

The last time we did anything decent was Euro ’96 so I’m begging you England please bring football home during my lifetime!



October 9, 2014 | By: Robert Simmons | General