“I Didn’t Think It Would Take Off” – Gaff TV Meets Football Manager Creator Miles Jacobson!

What is considered one of the greatest footballing games of all time, Football Manager has been played by budding football managers and fans across the world.

We caught up with its creator, Miles Jacobson to find out where it all began and to find out what Football Manager fans can expect from future releases.

Football Manager started off in the mid-90’s on a floppy disk which many kids who play the game today would never have heard of!

Jacobson couldn’t have imagined the success that would come out of the game. He says that he “didn’t think it would take off” and that the game was just a side job to the job he had at the time.

Miles was never a fan of having a proper job and Football Manager was always his dream.

Now over 20 years later the game is bigger than ever and Football Manager 2015 looks set to be packed with more features than its predecessors.

The Football Manager series aims to produce over a thousand new features each year a new game is released which is an insane amount compared to most football games.

Miles shares the same feelings with the game that many of us do.

He says that there is “no better feeling than winning a trophy with your own club”, his club being Watford. I think the same can be said for all of us, dreaming of getting our club from the lower leagues too the Champions League.

It’s weird the sense of accomplishment this actually gives you but this is the power of the game! It gets you so involved and there are so many features to the game that you really feel apart of it.

I for one am very excited for the new release and Miles states that he hopes the franchise can continue for at least 15 more years, which is great news for all Football Manager fans!

September 24, 2014 | By: Robert Simmons | Other