Sergio Aguero VS Diego Costa: Who is the best striker in the Premier League?

A brute of a striker that scores goals in a seemingly easy fashion, Diega Costa started the season in blistering form, whereas the red-hot live-wire that is Sergio Aguero has lit up the Premier League in recent weeks for a stuttering Manchester City side.

Chelsea’s Costa is currently the league’s second highest goal scorer with 11 goals, whereas Aguero is the leading scorer  with 14.

The two players have left other strikers in their dust, including players such as the league’s established strikers such as Robin Van Persie and Wayne Rooney.

Other big names including Alexis Sanchez, Falcao, Wilfried Bony, Romelu Lukaku and Samuel Eto’o have not come close to matching their magnificence in this early stage of the season, despite the impressive form of players like Sanchez.

It’s not easy to pick the better player of the two, they both have different qualities and provide for their sides in different ways. Though, certainly, they are both well rounded strikers who do their job; putting the ball in the back of the net.

Costa is a player whose brutality and determination make him twice the player he would be if he didn’t have that, in other words, Aguero’s talent and raw ability appears more natural. Costa will battle with defenders, even when the odds are much in favour of the defender, Costa will do everything in his power to come out on top.

Though, not just a strong and determined character, he will score goals. The Spanish international scored 64 goals in 135 appearances for Atletico Madrid last season and has brought that form over into the Premier League.

Squaring up to defenders, whilst having the strength, control and calmness in front of goal make Costa a deadly predator in the eyes of many defenders.

Aguero on the other hand, is a different kind of player, though, he has resolute characters like Costa, and is very determined to succeed and do the best for his team, we can see this from the individual performances of both players.

Aguero is able to pick up the ball, turn with speed and run at the defenders with blistering pace, spearheading attacks and counter-attacks, he is arguably the complete package, though, it’s hard to say that Costa doesn’t have that complete package either, although he does lack in pace when compared to Aguero.

A nightmare to try and mark as well as steal the ball from, Aguero will pop up continuously in small pockets of space, before tip-toeing his way past defenders, almost in a slow motion of dance before acrobatically finishing past helpless goalkeepers, many of times  his chances appear to go away, but the Argentine will score goals with devastating effect when the chance may appear to have gone initially.

Diego Costa:

Premier League appearances: 10

Goals: 11

Diego Costa


Sergio Aguero

Premier League appearances: 100

Goals: 64

Sergio Aguero


Whilst there are other players who rightly deserve a mention when it comes to being the best striker in the league, Van Persie, Rooney and Sanchez may all have a claim to stake, but certainly, none this season have came close to emulating the form of Costa and Aguero.

The two look unstoppable at the moment, and though, less so for Chelsea, but if Chelsea or City lost their star men to injury, it would be a big blow. There is no doubt that City rely on their man more than Chelsea, as you’d believe Chelsea have more players that are able to step-up considering the form that they’re in, and the fact they look certain to win the title.

But the title of being the league’s best striker is an open one, both players have different qualities and it will likely come down to whoever simply scores the most goals because it is too hard to separate the two at the moment.