Sharp is a smart move

Sharp is a Smart move

Leeds United fans prepare your chants and prepare to celebrate for yesterday from the ashes of the mayhem a potential saviour has been signed. Step forward Billy Sharp, a man of proven championship quality whose goals have allowed many clubs to compete at a level above expectations. Doncaster fans witnessed several seasons of high quality Championship football courtesy of Sharp’s goals and his move to Southampton as they chased promotion to Premiership took the pressure off of Rickie Lambert, as his ability to be in the right place at the right time earned the Saints precious points as they achieved successive promotions.

What can he add to Leeds? Amongst other things hope and enthusiasm to both fan and players, he offers the belief that a season which, under a new regime, has become quite the soap opera could make some headlines for footballing reasons. A season that could have seen them flirt with the bottom half of the table, maybe even relegation may well be one to enjoy as Leeds start the long climb back to where they belong.

Don’t misquote me, I’m not saying this one player can turn them into a title winning team and Leeds will be screaming out for heroes all over the pitch, the likes of Rodolph Austin, Michael Tonge and Noel Hunt need to stand up and be counted, and if they can they have a man in the middle waiting to pounce.

In short, I congratulate Leeds on a great signing, in a time when it’s tough to afford top quality, they have signed a real gem.

August 16, 2014 | By: Kristian Wheadon | General | News