Is Football The Most Risky Sport In The World?

Injury is a part of sport. Simple. Any full body contact sport is going to have damage to the human body. Not only on impact but also over time, the constant speed and velocity at which grown adults perform at is going to have a wear and tear effect on anybody. But which sport is the most dangerous? There are plenty which stick out in the mind, but more based on their natural dangers. competitions such as the Skeleton or Formula 1. However, there aren’t normally that many injuries over the course of these events. Usually it is one near fatal, or unfortunately fatal injury which makes them so dangerous.

In terms of statistics. Football surprisingly gets the most amount of injuries. There are lots of factors which need to be taken into consideration before getting your head around this. Football is the most played sport in the world, played by more people than the combined remaining top two sports, Basketball and Tennis. So it is easy to understand why it picks up such a racket when it comes to the amount of people who suffer whilst playing the game.

With football injuries so common it’s easy to understand why clubs are so precocious about their top players. Not only playing for their national teams, but also when they go on holiday! Richard Murray a health and safety advisor for Arinite consultants said ‘It’s a nightmare getting professional athletes insured. Because they are so valuable in their profession they cost so much, but the thing is they are in just as much general health and safety danger as everyone else.’

If you are thinking about danger and the actual dangers you could encounter whilst playing football, it is considerably lower than others. Most football injuries are muscular based, which is primarily down to constantly running and turning at high speeds. In comparison, players in sports such as American Football and Lacrosse face much more sudden serious injuries. This is partly down to there being very little regulations on the types of challenges and tackles you can put in on opposing players.

‘Football players have to be insured over long periods of time. Because the nature of the sport is all about fitness, eventually the body just gets worn out. American Football stars on the other hand have much larger payments, which are paid on rolling contracts. This is down to the nature of the sport and the brutality of it.

With regards to monetary requirements. Football tops the list, this is mainly down to the length of insurance contracts and the amount of money in the game. Formula 1 is the second most expensive sport to be insured for, however, this also takes into account the cost to insure the car itself. The unfortunate scenario with Formula 1 is that, in the majority cases of crashes, it is often fatal which obviously dramatically rises the price of insuring drivers.

Although football is not the most dangerous. By money to injury ratio it is the riskiest sport to be insured for.

July 21, 2016 | By: Edward Wade | Videos